What is the Gospel?

Gospel simply means “Good News.”

The beginning: MADE FOR MORE

We see in the book of Genesis God creating man in His image, and formed in His likeness, made for relationship with our Creator, and designed to bring Him glory.

The dilemma and condition: SEPARATION

Through the response of one man’s heart, seeking independence from God, Adam, all of mankind was separated from God’s so desired relationship due to our rebellious response.
We call this sin.

This sin of Adam created a chasm between God and man. Because of God’s righteousness, and our rebellion against His order, that we may serve our own desires rather than His.

The Problem: OUR SIN

Our sin keeps us from living in right relationship with God. He is righteous and Holy, and our rebellion demands penance and payment in sight of a righteous God. The payment due is death (For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23 ESV). Not just death in the physical, which comes through sin, but an ultimate eternity outside of the presence of God. This is Hell. So how is one made right?

The Solution: JESUS

Seeing that we have no way bridging the chasm between us and God, brought about by our sin, and thinking we can work our way into good standing through “good deeds” or “acts” is faulty. A religion of works was never intended by God, but a plan of grace was. Jesus came to take our sins on Himself, nailing them to the cross and making way for our release of their condemnation. Everything the Gospel proclaims is the good news about God’s reign of grace, salvation, and mercy, made available to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Jesus’ life for ours; His death accepted to God as our righteousness. As Paul says, “it is by grace you have been saved.” It is His grace that forgives us of our sins, breathes life into our souls, and transforms our life to bring Him glory as we were originally intended to do.


Clearly seeing grace as being the unearned merit of God, something we can’t earn, frees us to live for Him. When we see the depths of His grace, love and mercy for us, we can’t help but carry on this good news and great hope! Lifting Jesus UP flows from seeing ourselves lifted with Him. This changes everything. This must change everything.